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  Positivity    30 October 2019
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As the use of the Internet has started to increase more than ever, people around the world have begun to see a significant increase in the use of social media in order to meet new people and express their ideas as they wish.

However, no matter how much the number of users is increasing, if social media is not used correctly, there may be more serious results than thought.

Pay Attention to Your Shares

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make while using social media is that they should make their share without thinking about it.

When this happens, sharing brings different problems.

Nowadays, most of the people in social media platforms open their own profiles to people they don’t know.

As such, unrecognized people are allowed to see private shares.

Therefore, people should either not add people they do not know to their social media accounts or share them correctly.

Think Twice Before Sharing Your Child

It is possible to see photos of their children in their parents’ social media accounts.

But this actually means that you unintentionally decipher your child’s life.

It should also be kept in mind that existing photographs may be used by malicious people.

Don’t Believe Every Word on Social Media

Nowadays, all kinds of information is spreading faster than ever via social media.

Because the information flow is so fast, inadvertently false and false information is shared by people.

It is extremely important that you do your research before sharing or fully believing in articles written on social media.

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