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  Positivity    30 October 2019
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Mobbing, which is one of the issues that people have faced for a long time, is the psychological harassment that people encounter in their workplaces.

This harassment does not make any difference in terms of gender, age or race.

Mobbing for the exclusion and exclusion of the other person from the business life adversely affects the psychology of the person physically and spiritually.

How to do Mobbing in the Workplace?

Information is kept from the person during work at the workplace and made him feel unreliable.

The professional competence of the person who is completely isolated from other persons is questioned and the tasks that he / she cannot finish on purpose are given.

At the same time, this person is ignored and his duties are reduced. The person who is constantly embarrassed is exposed to this behavior not only by managers but also by colleagues.

How Is Mobbing Proven?

In order for the person to take a step related to the problem he / she is experiencing at work, he / she must try to solve the problem by communicating with the other people at the first stage.

The mobbing person should be told that he / she should terminate the existing situation and this is a form of harassment.

If possible, an interview should be conducted in the presence of a witness. However, the authorities of the institution should be discussed.

Is There A Penalty for Mobbing?

Some people think that this situation is not sanctioned after mobbing and they remain silent.

In fact, if it is proved that mobbing is applied in the light of recent developments, penalties will be imposed.

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