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  Positivity    30 October 2019
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What women want most when they make up is to have an attractive appearance.

Especially with recent developments in make-up, make-up using different products has become an art.

With some tips your makeup will be more impressive than ever.

Apply Black Eye Liner Into Eye

It doesn’t matter if you have a single eye makeup, eyeliner or smoky eye makeup; Using a black eyeliner will give your eyes a very attractive effect. With this method, also known as the Hollywood Eyeliner, the lash line becomes much more pronounced.

However, the most important detail to be noted here is that the application of the eyeliner to the upper eyelashes will make the eyes look smaller.

Illuminator Usage

Makeup is one of the indispensable women, highlighter products.

But these products need to be applied to the right places.

When applied to eye springs, it gives light to the gaze, and when applied directly above the lips, the lips appear much raised.

Women who want to make their eyes look bigger and more attractive should use the product under their eyebrows.

Correct Skin Makeup

Contrary to the previous periods, the use of foundation is now behind.

Now, instead of applying the full concealer foundation to the thick coat, they equalize the problem areas at the first stage and then apply the foundation naturally.

Thus, a mask-like appearance does not appear.

Use Blush in Natural Tones

If you want to make a romantic makeup, you should choose the blush color as soft and warm tones as possible.

Your smile while applying blush gives a natural look


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