Don’t be Afraid of Criticism

  Positivity    31 October 2019
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Criticism is one of the concepts that is very negative for many people.

In fact, most of the people perceive the criticisms as personal and go to defend themselves against criticism.

Because when a person is criticized, he gets angry thinking that the other person does not accept him as he is.

However, as can be seen when the subject of criticism begins to be examined, what is actually done is the criticism of right and wrong.

Don’t Lose Your Chances of Progress

A person who is afraid of being criticized actually prevents himself from living. For example, you came up with a creative idea at a meeting, but you didn’t say it because you were afraid of criticism.

However, this wrong step may prevent you from progressing in business.

You should be much more open-minded to learn what’s wrong with you, or to get new ideas to help you develop, rather than fearing criticism.

Embrace Reviews

Being brave about being criticized does not mean that criticism is accepted as it is.

What you need to do is accept the criticism and pay attention to where it comes from.

If a person is criticizing you, you should look at his or her own achievements in life and whether they have information about the subject they are criticizing.

Because some people criticize only for criticism. Spending time with them will cause your work to decline.

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