Choice of Bags for Your Body Type

  Positivity    30 October 2019
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Bags are a very important accessory for women to complete their clothes and to keep what they need during the day.

Although this is important, most women only choose bags based on the clothes they wear and the area they will use.

However, in order to have a stylish appearance as desired, women also need to consider body types.

Otherwise, the selected bags will not be able to display the desired image.

Slim and Tall Women

Women with slim and long body type can use the bag in any size and model.

But they have to stay away from very small bags.

Shoulder bags, oversized backpacks and Messenger bag models will not shorten women’s height.

Petite and Short Women

Women who are short and petite in length should stay away from large and coarse bags as well as large and coarse bags.

Small or medium shoulder bags that extend all the way to the bottom of the hips will be successful for petite women.

Pear Body Type Women

Women with narrow shoulders and broad hips should focus their attention on the upper part of their body when choosing bags.

For this, they can use the striking bag models with bright colors and short straps.

Small and medium size bags should be chosen as much as possible, as large and printed bags will show the hips much larger.

Apple Body Type Women

Women with a light belly and large breasts should stay away.

Messenger bags or long-handled shoulder bags will be the right choice.

Athletic Body Women

The bags that women can choose from will be angular and angular models.

Also, bags with round details and accessories provide a beautiful appearance.

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