2020 Autumn Winter Makeup Trends

  Positivity    20 October 2019
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Looking beautiful is undoubtedly one of the most important issues for women. As a result, makeup artists are working to determine the latest trends before each season. Together with their work on this issue, women now aim to apply the most appropriate trends in their own style.

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Red lips

2020 autumn winter season makeup trends when looking at the first detail of the velvet red lips. This detail, which can be preferred by women with a bold sense of beauty, should be synchronized with a minimal make-up in order to achieve the desired image.

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Graphic Eyes

Experimental eye make-up, especially when it comes to make-up brands, comes to mind in recent shows. Circles made with white or black stripes and unusual patterns on the upper eyelid before metallic eyelashes are attached to the lower eyelid add a different air to the eyes.


Soft Faces

The color to be used in the new season will be pink for the blush which helps to revive the skin color. With the pink blush that provides a natural appearance, the highlighting process is easily done for other regions.


Neon Colors

Colored eyeliner and colored eyeshadows, although for some of the past periods, 2020’de returns. Women who want to add fun to their appearance, have access to the results they want with the right products to use.


Add Shine to Your Makeup

Normally, when it comes to makeup, some women want to use it as little as possible. But this season, elegant touches are replaced by much braver choices. Thus, eyes and lips come to the fore more than ever.


Moist Image on Lips

Moist lips, created using products such as balsam in real skin tones, will often find a place for itself next season. It is very easy for women to reach this image that shows itself on the catwalks.

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